What’s New

There is too much. Let me sum up. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, because life. The biggest change is that since the last blog post, I’ve moved. After decades of bouncing around the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, all very much in the temperate rainforest type of climate, […]

3 Things I Learned from NaNoWriMo

A Nanowrimo 2019 Winner's Banner

Another November, another NaNoWriMo complete! For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo means “National Novel Writing Month”, although it’s actually international now and it covers a lot more than novels. It’s for writers anywhere to commit to parking their butts and hammering out some words. The standard commitment is 50,000 words of new material in the […]

I’m done.

I’m done. Not with writing. But with two different projects. I’m done messing with them, which is a process any creative can identify with, the movement from creation to shaping to honing to sheer screwing-about-with. When I was editing film projects, we’d laugh over filenames like “Final Edit V2 Revised Final Final V3.ppj” We tweak. […]

Speculative Fiction Writer’s Group

I usually fly solo as a creative. Now, coming from a film background, there’s a TON of collaboration, but when it came time to write the script, to come up with the shots, to edit the film, I’d almost always be on my own. And novel writing is even more so. And I’m thinking I’d […]

The Gold in Research

Most writers of any kind know the importance of research. We don’t want to get that email that starts with “While I enjoyed your recent book, I think you’ll find…” and then explains the jeep we used in our story was never available in soft top, or that the device our protagonist depends upon would […]

In Praise of Short Tales

A man checks a shot through the lens of a Panavision 35mm film camera on a movie set.

When I was a filmmaker, it was a known path, so obvious it was clich√©. Make your short film. Then your feature. Short films were film school: camera movement, working with actors, budgeting, scheduling, editing, music, so much more. And they’d let you show the gatekeepers you could make a movie. First your short, then […]


3d rendering of balls in balance

I’ve been thinking about balance lately. I had a draft that I re-read for the first time in a long while, and the lack of balance hit me hard. I developed many of my storytelling skills in the film industry, writing screenplays, so I’m never going to be mistaken for Edward Rutherford or J.R.R. Tolkien. […]

Why the heck did I write THAT?

A monster, Cthulhu, green and bat-winged with glowing red eyes and bat wings connected to his massive, clawed arms, rises up out of swirling smoke and fog.

My writing has always covered a wide gamut. I’ve written everything from opera-centric family dramas with a dash of magical realism to supernatural horror to dystopian sci-fi to ludicrous comedy. What I’ve never done is fan fic. I was never tempted to write a Star Trek or Doctor Who fan film or story, not even […]