In Kingsgate, on the world of Corenia, they say if you want to die you just sit on the sidewalk and wait a while. If the street gangs don’t get you, the Eaters will. What’s an Eater? No one says. They just ring the alarm bells and bar their doors whenever someone catches sight of one.

And if not the Eaters, then perhaps the Shinies. To give them their full names, followers of the Lady of the Shining Path, a fearless cult of highly-trained, psychotically-loyal brutal fighters who would die to protect their Lady, even though many say she has a death wish herself. And if not the Shinies, watch for Mr. No One, the murderer without a face who has killed hundreds, and who walks without steps. And ruling over all, the brutal tyrant, the Grey King. Wizard, enigma, he has ruled the city for a thousand years.

And in this battleground the denizens of Kingsgate’s docks scrape by, alive on the dregs of a city falling part… Eddie Eight Fingers, the gambler who swears he’ll quit when he gets to ten. Mrs. Stitch, the barkeep that accepts payment only in memories. And Oracle Nick, who hears prophecy in the water in his headphones and who draws a map with no known geography.

When Jess, a disgraced neurosurgeon from our reality, wakes up in Kingsgate, she half-believes she’s still asleep, and the other half thinks she’s hallucinating. But her sister is in a coma, and missing, and if there’s a shred of hope she’s in Kingsgate and alive, then there’s nothing that Jess won’t do to get her back.


Worldbreaker is the first novel in the planned Kingsgate series. It’s currently in manuscript form.