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Close-up of hand of a senior on the hand of dying elderly person as a sign of support during sickness

At Night They Hunt

Sammy loves two things in this world: his wife of nearly six decades, Victoria, and playing jazz piano . They met through music, and he calls her Queen Vic. But Queen Vic lives in a care home now, lost in dementia, and Sammy twists up, trying to figure out how to reach the love of all his days. She strokes her stuffed animal toys like they’re real dogs. “At night, they hunt”, she says to no one with a smile.

Got news for you, Sammy… they do.

Now he has to understand nothing is what he thought; not just the world, but reality. Enemies are coming and you can see them right now. Yes, you. You reading this. Try it. Close your eyes. Did you see them?

Yes. You did.

You just didn’t notice them. You’ve been seeing them for years, and they’re counting on you not noticing. The world needs a hero right now, even if it’s a grieving lonely 78 year old jazz man.

If I told you this was based on a true story, you’d never believe it. But it is. So look out.

Status: Outlining

A destroyed city

The Darkness

When a young paramedic-in-training stumbles across a string of weird deaths, she isn’t sure what she’ll find. Getting yanked along to a parallel dimension by accident probably wasn’t on her list. And the only thing worse than getting pulled out of your own dimension is getting pulled out of your own dimension by a group that isn’t entirely how to put you back again. And that’s not the only problem.

Not even close.

Each reality is more horrible than the last, as the team tries to understand what’s coming. It’s big. Bigger than anything. It is, in fact, an Everything. And it’s coming this way, even though “this way” is every way.

Get ready for the Darkness.

Status: Story development

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