What I’m Working On

The Jazzman Sang the Death of Stars

Dante is an aging astrophysics professor whose only dream was to grow old with his jazz singer wife, Victoria, but her dementia diagnosis robbed them of that future. But when Dante’s colleague disappears into thin air, a shadowy figure haunts him, and he spots the younger version of his wife in a crowd, he is pulled into a conflict he could not have imagined: one of spaceships, aliens, sentient black holes, and a threat that not only affects him and his wife, but could mean the end of reality as they know it. Enemies are coming and you can see them right now. Yes, you. You reading this. Try it. Close your eyes. Did you see them?

Yes. You did.

You just didn’t notice them. You’ve been seeing them for years, and they’re counting on you not noticing. You’ll just have to hope in the power of the strange title of Jazzman…

Sci-fi adventure

The Dog is in Charge

Sandy is on cruise control; after his squad was killed, he retired from the military and now installs roofs and rejects any attempt to put him in charge of anything. But when his job site is blown up, he’s drawn into a group of misfits with strange powers: precognition, enhanced cybernetics, even a multi-disciplinary genius whose consciousness now resides in a large dog. They’re part of an underground global organization keeping humanity safe. However, that highly-trained, global group is annihilated in a single, devastating attack, leaving only this small team to protect the world from a conspiracy that will threaten the very existence of everyone on Earth. With the danger escalating from broken time to orbital weaponry to something far worse, they’ll need everyone’s full talents, but can Sandy truly step up?

Sci-fi Adventure

A destroyed city

The Reality Adjusters

Elizabeth Cartwright lives by her wits, pitting the corrupt denizens of Jazz Era Chicago against each other to protect those who need it, and if she earns a little money on the side and breaks a few laws, where’s the harm? But when her most recent clients break their word and start murdering people, Elizabeth must find out what their plan is, how it intersects with the mysterious group of people known as the Docksiders, and who she can truly trust in his corrupt city. Her opponent is stronger and stranger than she can imagine, and if she can’t figure out the puzzle in time, everyone in Chicago will die as darkness descends forever.

Paranormal Fantasy

Even the Marmot Hates You

Ruby Jackson is a small-town sheriff and all she wants is peace and quiet. The denizens of her town make that tough: among others, a madcap inventor, a family of vampires, and an alien who doesn’t quite understand what farming is but is willing to try. But when an industrialist wants to drive a railroad through their town, they realize not all is what it seems, and they might have to defend their small, fractious town from something much weirder than any of them…

Paranormal Fantasy Comedy