I usually fly solo as a creative. Now, coming from a film background, there’s a TON of collaboration, but when it came time to write the script, to come up with the shots, to edit the film, I’d almost always be on my own. And novel writing is even more so.

And I’m thinking I’d like to give something else a try.

So I’m putting together an online writer’s group for writers of speculative fiction to connect, beta-read, and swap tips (or happy to join one if you’re looking to add to your group!) My goals for a group are to find a positive gang who write quality stuff and are open to feedback. People who know the difference between a beta read and a cowrite, who will focus on all of us building each other up, and who can commit to a fairly regular output & touchpoint while understanding that life will always get in the way occasionally. We’ll not only give feedback on stories, but develop our craft, share tips and resources, and help each other get to the next level. And I’d like to keep it to science fiction and fantasy writers (in the broadest definition), because every genre has its own needs and, for example, I can’t give useful feedback on a romance novel as I don’t know the genre.

Potentially, we could grow it into a podcast if we feel we were generating beneficial content, but let’s start writing better first. Sound interesting? Connect with me on Twitter @jeffrichards and let me know!