The Stories


Kingsgate 2

In Kingsgate, on the world of Corenia, they say if you want to die you just sit on the sidewalk and wait a while.

Maybe it’ll be the Eaters, monsters so terrifying that the sight of one puts the city in lockdown as the bells ring. If not them, the Shinies, fanatical guards who would die for their Lady. Or perhaps Mr. No One, the murderer without a face who has killed hundreds, and who walks without steps. And ruling over all, the brutal tyrant, the Grey King. Wizard, enigma, he has ruled the city for a thousand years.

And in this battleground the denizens of Kingsgate’s docks scrape by, alive on the dregs of a city falling part … Eddie Eight Fingers, the gambler who swears he’ll quit when he gets to ten. Mrs. Stitch, the barkeep that accepts payment only in memories. And Oracle Nick, who hears prophecy in the water in his headphones and who draws a map with no known geography.

When Jess, a disgraced neurosurgeon from our reality, wakes up in Kingsgate, she half-believes she’s still asleep, and the other half thinks she’s hallucinating. But her sister is in a coma, and missing, and if there’s a shred of hope she’s in Kingsgate and alive, then there’s nothing that Jess won’t do to get her back.


Dark fantasy – Worldbreaker is the first novel in the planned Kingsgate series.

The Jazzman Sang the Death of Stars

Dante Genovese is a professor of astrophysics, a pianist, and a devoted husband whose wife is so far gone in dementia that she hasn’t recognized him for years. At the age of sixty, he’s resolved to a slow, heartbreaking sunset of their lives together.

Which is why he’s astonished when he’s attacked by a creature from another planet, only to be saved by a starship crew … led by a younger version of his wife.

Now he’s on a star-hopping adventure, trying to understand, well, everything! Who is this person who looks like his wife? What is causing the disappearance of everything from people to entire star systems? Who, or what, are the Elders and how can they live inside a black hole? And most importantly, how can he do the things he does, powers that seem to be connected to this nickname he’s been given …


He needs to figure it out. The Universe is at stake.

Science fiction adventure


The Reality Adjusters

Reality Adjusters 2

It’s 1927, and Elizabeth Cartwright, despite her youth, has the town of Chicago right where she wants it. She deals in information, and uses the leverage she gains to play one side against the other, whether it’s mobsters, cops, or politicians.

But there’s one rule: no one dies. So when two strange clients take a simple robbery and turn it into a massacre, Elizabeth wants revenge. However, she quickly realizes that this goes much farther than a violent robbery gone wrong. She’s pulled into the world of the Docksiders, a group of people who live together in a rundown area but who have a rich shared culture and, in some cases, strange powers.

And the deaths haven’t stopped. Where are they leading? Elizabeth is worried that a lot more is at stake as she learns more about the strange beings she nicknames “Elves” and their terrifying leader, the Elf King. The players have taken their places on the board, but she doesn’t know the game yet. However, the stakes are clear. Not just their lives, but the entire world.

Dark fantasy

Tesla vs Cthulhu

Light vs Darkness. Science vs Magic.

Tesla vs Cthulhu.

Tesla vs Cthulhu is the saga of Elaine West, a graduate student from Arkham’s famed Miskatonic University, and her collaboration with the most famous inventor in all of history: Nikola Tesla.

It’s a transmedia project with a decade of history, spanning two novel-length manuscripts, a short film, a comic book, and short stories.

Dark fantasy

The Dog is in Charge

Sandy felt his life made sense up to now: after leaving the military, he’s rebuilt his life and regained a sense of stability, helping out his dead friend’s daughter and finding a quiet, anonymous job. But an explosion at a worksite sends him into a world he never knew existed, a world of super-powered humans, dark conspiracies, globe-spanning organizations, and horrifying threats from other levels of reality.

There’s Dr. Anna Keikkinen, who can control mass. Overlock, a woman with extensive cybernetic implants and an almost-supernatural ability with computers. LaKeith Taylor, who can see possible futures. Meiying Zhang, who can manifest things out of thin air, although at a cost. Jacob Horne, the closest thing to a perfect killer that Sandy has ever seen. And over all of it, Dr. Lancaster, who died in a bizarre accident, leaving his consciousness housed in a quantum computer connected to the brain of his Bernese Mountain Dog, Odin.

Now Sandy’s new-found friends need to decide if they trust him, and given the betrayal that has killed so many of their colleagues, their suspicion is warranted. Incidents are spreading, from dimensional rifts to massive explosions from orbital bombardments, and they are running out of time. Will Sandy earn their respect, and his own, in time to stop the forces arrayed against them?

Science Fiction Adventure

The Dark Catalogue

Frank likes his job at the Fifth Directorate. Most of the time, it’s pretty quiet.


But an old colleague’s dying wish is that Frank take her daughter on as a trainee, show her the ropes, get her into the Directorate. Considering the Directorate is charged with the isolation, classification, and storage of items of supernatural origin, that’s not as simple as it seems.

Things are getting weird at the Directorate headquarters, known as the Shop. And when the Shop gets weird, it gets weird. Now Frank has to call on old loyalties, and even older enemies, if he wants to honour his colleague’s wish, protect the kid, and incidentally save the world.