Tesla vs Cthulhu: The Novels

The Siege of Arkham

The Seige of Arkham

Elaine West has had a strange year. After being overjoyed to be selected for Miskatonic’s expedition to Desolation Sound in British Columbia, she faced trials she could never imagined. Now she is the sole survivor of that expedition, the professor that sent her is dead by her hand, and she has teamed up with the foremost inventor of the age, Nikola Tesla. Together, they will attempt to discover what happened on that ill-fated expedition and how the threat has followed them back to Arkham. Now, the very halls of Miskatonic University hold dark perils, and newspaper reports hint at a dread force gathering, crossing the continent in the darkness, forcing them to defend the city of Arkham against a monstrous cult and the being known as Cthulhu. At stake is the fate of not only Arkham, but the entire world.

Dark adventure

The Gate of Azathoth

West and Tesla have barely survived the events of Arkham’s siege, but their attempts to move on are thwarted when a professor’s daughter exhibits strange symptoms, symptoms that remind them of the awful cult they thought they had left behind.

However, it’s even more complicated than they expected; the mystery pulls them from New York to London to other dimensions as they attempt to stop the opening of the dreaded Gate of Azathoth, an event that will lead to the end of our universe.

Dark adventure

A New England town in fall. As the sun sets, there is an enormous red portal filling up the sky. Inside the portal, planets, galaxies, and strange fractal shapes.