Tesla vs Cthulhu: The Short Tales

The Darkness in the Water


The Darkness in the Water tells the tale of how Nikola Tesla came to be in the wilds of British Columbia. After complaints about his spectacular and terrifying experiments with wireless electricity, he finds a remote location to continue his studies: Desolation Sound. He is unaware of the ill-fated Miskatonic University expedition, and of the dark forces that are present in this place ahead of any of them.

Now his experiments are showing him something that cannot be possible … plus they may be the only salvation for him and his new-found friends, the survivors from Miskatonic, lead by a certain Elaine West …

The Darkness in the Water is a short graphic novel illustrated by Swiss artist Michael Zigerlig.

The Diary of Elaine West

The Diary of Elaine West, which eventually forms the backbone of the Report of the Desolation Sound Expedition, 1926, begins the journey of our protagonist as she arrives with a Miskatonic University research team at the beautiful but remote location of Desolation Sound in British Columbia, Canada. She details the wonder of the location, the growing horrors they encounter, the collapse of the party’s leadership, and the horrible choices she inevitably must take as she shoulders the burden of saving whoever she can from the monstrous forces seeking their extinction.

The diary contains sketches recording Elaine’s impressions of the strange world she finds herself in, illustrated by award-winning artist and President of the Federation of Canadian Artists Jennifer Heine.

The Dread that Dwelled in Innsmouth

Elaine West has been in tough spots before. But waking up chained to a wall in a dark cell? Tesla nowhere to be found? Horrors are around every corner, but the dark powers growing in that fabled town have not reckoned on Elaine when she’s angry …

The Dread that Dwelled in Innsmouth takes place after the events of the second Tesla vs Cthulhu novel, The Gate of Azathoth, and two years after Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth.

An eerie, abandoned New England fishing village at night. The moon peeks through grey clouds.